An Attorney Must Devote Time and Resources in Order to Create a Strong Defense

Each attorney who wants to give the best representation to his or her client needs to spend a great deal of time doing the following:

The Attorney Will Research His or Her Client’s Background and Medical History

The first step in defending a DWI charge is to know your client very well. You need to know your client’s medical history, the person’s occupation, the family history, what the person does on a daily basis when not working.

Has the client traveled recently and has the person has suffered from any recent illnesses? These are facts that the attorney who simply wants to get the client in the door and then close the case as soon as possible is not going to take the time to find out.

The Proactive Attorney Will Not Rely Simply on the Discovery Presented by the Prosecution

When a DWI lawyer takes on the task of defending someone in the best way possible, it demands a lot of time. In addition to learning information about the client, it’s also necessary to obtain as much of the “discovery” in the case that you can possibly lay your hands on.

In other words, you don’t want to just settle with what the State routinely gives you in response to an initial discovery request. Typically, the prosecutor will give you police reports and video, if it’s available, and some information about the Alcotest machine. However, your search for all the information in the case should never end there.