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Conditional Discharge Program in New Jersey for Possessing Marijuana

There is a New Jersey municipal court program for persons charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana for the first-time. If the defendant has no criminal record, then he or she is eligible to be placed into the conditional discharge program.

The conditional discharge program in New Jersey under 2C:36A-1 allows a defendant to be placed into a probationary program without admitting guilt to the possession of marijuana charge. The municipal court will order that the defendant pay fines and costs in excess of $700. The court will impose a term of probation that cannot exceed three years. The judge may also order drug testing during the period of probation.

Often, a person charged with possession of marijuana in New Jersey is not eligible for the conditional discharge program. In that case, the defendant has the right to a trial. There many different defenses to a possession of marijuana charge. An experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to discuss all of the ways of winning a marijuana possession charge.