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If You’re Reading This, You Probably Know That Sinking Feeling…

You’re driving home at night when a car’s headlights show up in your rearview mirror. The glare distracts you and you drift over the line for just a moment…  Blue and red lights start flashing…

You’re being pulled over.

Before you know it, an officer is asking for your license and registration, and you’re under investigation for DWI.

The feeling that comes along with this is hard to shake – but you’re not the only one who’s been in this position…

And you don’t have to go through this alone.

If Your BAC Was Over The Legal Limit, You May Feel Like You Have No Chance To Win

So many people charged with DWI feel defeated from the start – so they plead guilty, thinking that a Breathalyzer or roadside test result will set their fate in stone.

But the truth is… Even what looks like a bad case on paper could have a host of flaws that make the evidence against you absolutely useless to the prosecution.

Technical And Procedural Errors Can Be Difficult To Spot Without A Trained Eye

This is why the majority of people charged with DWI face the full weight of the law…  Because most people don’t understand their right to fair and verified testing.

But What If You Had The Resources To Fight Your DWI Charge, Assert Your Rights Before The Court, And Walk Away With Your Situation Totally Improved?

It’s Possible – In fact, I’ve seen it happen before…

My client, who we’ll call “Laura”, was charged with DWI in New Jersey, and she came to me with an incredibly difficult case…

Her breath test results were over the legal limit, and she was facing the harsh consequences that can come with a first-time DWI conviction, including: license suspension, fines, and even the ignition interlock device.

Did You Know That You Can Avoid A DWI Conviction By Dismissing Bad Evidence?

By showing that the evidence against her wasn’t reliable, I was able to help Laura have her charges reduced… and she saw the consequences of her charge all but disappear.

As a result, she walked away without a DWI on her criminal record.

How is this possible?

Our Story Starts In A Restaurant…

Laura went out for a few drinks at a restaurant one night. As she was about to leave, the bartender got worried that she would drive home.

Laura insisted that she wasn’t intoxicated, but the bartender wouldn’t let it go…

After almost half an hour of debating that she shouldn’t drive home, the bartender called the police.

Laura Was Sure She Could Drive, But She Called A Friend Anyway

When the officers got there, they took an informal look into the situation. They spoke to Laura, but she already had a friend on the way to come pick her up…

So, when her friend drove Laura’s car away with her in the passenger seat, everyone thought that the story was over.

Unfortunately, This Was Just The Beginning

Laura’s friend drove her to another friend’s house, where they all stayed and chatted for a while. After an hour or so, everyone agreed that it was safe for her to drive home.

She got in the car and made her way down a winding road when a pair of bright headlights started shining in her rearview mirror… and they were coming up fast.

When Someone’s Following You, It’s Easy To Get Nervous And Make Mistakes

As the car continued to get closer and closer, Laura did what any cautious driver would do…

She took her eyes off the road for a second to make sure that the person behind her wasn’t putting her in danger.

Meanwhile, her vehicle went slightly over the fog line – just for a moment… But that was all it took.

A feeling of dread washed over her – the headlights started flashing blue and red – she couldn’t believe it, but she was being pulled over.

Laura Was Stopped For Failing To Maintain Her Lane… But Something Strange Happened

Laura and the officer recognized each other at once. It was the same police officer who responded to the call at the restaurant she was at earlier.

The officer immediately asked Laura to perform three field sobriety tests…  The heel-to-toe touch, the one leg stand, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN).

You may have taken these tests yourself – officers across the U.S. use them to find “probable cause” for a DWI arrest.

The thing is…

Even Though She Did Everything Right, Laura Was Arrested For DWI 

Laura’s field sobriety tests were captured on the officer’s dash cam, and she performed fairly well…

Unfortunately, case law in New Jersey allows judges a lot of leeway when it comes to deciding how important your performance on a roadside sobriety test will be in your case…

So We Brought In An Expert Witness

In my experience, this is the number one way to successfully prove that the roadside tests that you performed were administered or graded incorrectly.

But that’s not all…

My Firm Works With One Of The Best Witnesses Available:                                            

A Former New Jersey State Trooper

This expert is truly the best of the best.

Not only is he trained on roadside tests…  Not only did he administer thousands of these tests throughout his career…

He was personally responsible for running the DWI detection training program across the entire state of New Jersey.

This means that he can critique any officer who grades or administers a roadside test incorrectly, making the evidence less reliable to a prosecuting attorney…

And that’s just what he did in Laura’s case.

But We Still Had The Results Of Laura’s Breath Test To Deal With

When the results of Laura’s breath test came back, they were above the legal BAC limit of 0.08%…

But our expert can also critique the way that breath tests are administered… and he found two major issues in Laura’s case.

First, the certificate of analysis for the machine wasn’t notarized. Second, the officers didn’t follow the “20-minute” protocol. But why does that matter?

Because you have to prove that the breath test result is accurate before you use it to convict someone of a DWI.

If you can show legitimate reasons to suggest a test may not be accurate, you can’t assume that the person was intoxicated – because you can’t assume that the breath test result is accurate.

One By One, Problems In The Case Against Laura Started Stacking Up

As all of these issues started coming out, it became clear that the prosecution’s case against Laura was losing its footing… and that was exactly what we were looking to accomplish.

In cases like these, it may be easy for the prosecution to shrug off one or two defense attacks on the case…

But once you start building the defenses, and breaking down the state’s arguments, it puts a certain pressure on their narrative that might just bring the whole thing down.

To do this, you have to call everything about the case into question…

So We Went To Trial…

I don’t like to negotiate with a prosecutor until I have everything I need to find the outcome your case deserves – I won’t piecemeal any case that I handle.

Once we had all the evidence, we were ready. Laura was adamant that she wasn’t intoxicated, and I was adamant that the evidence against her was unreliable… So, we stayed with the process…

We had to go back to court six times over the course of a year. I had to fight the entire way…

Until Eventually, The Case Against Her Completely Fell Apart

In the end, the prosecution could see that there were far too many holes in their argument…

They dropped the DWI charge, and Laura walked away ecstatic with the results.

Imagine What It Would Be Like To Have An Attorney Who Is  This Dedicated To Giving You The Defense You Deserve

DWI cases in New Jersey are meant to be resolved within 60 days… but I don’t adhere to that timeline. Why?

Because 60 days just isn’t enough time for me to get to know your case, find the evidence you need, and fight for the outcome you deserve.

Not every case takes a year to resolve, and the majority of DWI cases won’t go to trial, but if yours does – don’t you want an attorney who you can trust to go the distance?

I Don’t Mind If I Have To Take Years To Get The Right Result In Your Case

I am always prepared to take things as far as they need to go to get the result that you need. 

Although this is something I do every day, I know that your case isn’t just a “number” or a “file” to you – instead, it could have a deep impact on your life.

That’s why over the decades, I’ve handled thousands of these cases and I’ve developed a one-of-a-kind process… And that’s why you can rely on me to stick to this process – because it works.

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