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Client Testimonials

Disclaimer: Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

“Having practiced law for 10 years I know the difference between a good and a great lawyer especially when I need one. I was facing my 4th DWI with several other violations, driving on the revoked list, no insurance, unregistered vehicle, etc. I was looking at substantial jail time and another 10 years loss of license. So I needed the best and did my research. Hiring Kevin was a life changer for me. He was upfront with me and kept me informed throughout the process. All my vehicle charges were dismissed as I pleaded to a municipal ordinance violation with a minimal fine. I could not have asked for a better outcome. I can, without reservation, highly recommend Kevin Leckerman’s legal services!”



“If you are facing a DUI, refusal or any other related charges please read this as it may save your career, reputation, professional license, livelihood, family, and mental health.

In the early months of the pandemic, I was charged with a DUI, refusal, and careless driving as a result of parking my car and sleeping in my vehicle. This was my second offense. It was an extremely dark time for me, and the experience was devastating and one of the worst in my life. I was terrified and alone. I spent the next week researching DUI attorneys and was overwhelmed with who to select. All the attorneys I spoke to expressed how it would be an extremely difficult case and one attorney told me that there was no chance to beat the charges and that I could possibly have to do jail time.

Completely devastated, I prayed for guidance on who to hire, and was advised from a former NJ prosecutor to call Kevin Leckerman. The former prosecutor of over 25 years, also explained to me that from his experience, Kevin Leckerman was the most meticulous and knowledgeable attorney he had ever encountered during his days of representing the state in court. With the severity of the pending penalties, he emphasized Mr. Leckerman is who I should talk to.

With my initial conversation with Mr. Leckerman, I immediately knew he was an expert on DUI cases and was far more knowledgeable than any of the other lawyers I talked to. He had compassion for my emotional distress and helped me to understand the complete process ahead of me and what to expect during the court hearings. I hired him immediately.

Mr. Leckerman flawlessly handled all court matters, correspondences, communications, motions, and details relating to the case. He skillfully addressed the court, as it was evident from the first hearing that the Judge and Prosecutor both respected and recognized his abilities, knowledge and most importantly his understanding of the law.

Because of the pandemic several court hearings were held online and postponed many times. Without a satisfactory outcome, I had Mr. Leckerman proceed with a trial. Due to the pandemic in person court was shut down which delayed the trial over 18 months from the actual incident. All throughout the process I was truly in the best of hands with Mr. Leckerman’s representation.

A day before the trial as Mr. Leckerman masterfully conversed with the prosecutor, a decision was reached to drop all DUI and refusal charges to a guilty plea traffic violation of careless driving. I was ecstatic and full of gratitude. The outcome was a testimony to his elite skills as an attorney.

Words cannot express my appreciation to Kevin Leckerman for saving my future and providing me with a new lease on life. If you are facing charges, please reach out to Kevin Leckerman at Leckerman Law to represent you. You will be glad you did. A DUI is a very serious charge, and you need the best to represent you, and that is Kevin Leckerman.”



“Getting arrested for DUI was a nightmare. I was anxious and afraid of the impact it might make on my family, my job, my reputation, and my entire life. I am so glad I had Kevin on my side during the entire legal process. From our very first conversation, I was impressed. He obviously was very experienced and also had deep knowledge of all the legal details that can make or break a DUI defense. I learned that DUI laws are very complicated. Kevin made it clear that he would leave no stone unturned. He called me whenever he had an update on my case and after every conversation I felt strongly that Kevin was my best chance of beating this thing. His calm attitude and data-driven arguments inspired confidence. In the end, I believe it was his enormous volume of defense arguments that led the prosecution to drop the DUI charge; I’m convinced the prosecutor either 1) didn’t want to or 2) wasn’t able to refute all of Kevin’s arguments.

Kevin knows this highly detailed and surprisingly technical legal area inside and out. He’s an exceptional attorney and I’m deeply grateful for his help.”



“After interviewing half a dozen attorneys, I decided to go with Kevin Leckerman because he was the most straightforward and answered my questions directly. He set clear expectations immediately, handled everything professionally and through thorough investigation of evidence he got my charge dropped to a much lesser offense. I highly recommend him for anyone arrested for a DWI.”



“Kevin recently won a case for me in Chester County, PA involving a DUI, hit and run, and two summary offenses. The case agonizingly dragged on for over 13 months as it slowly moved toward trial with numerous continuances and postponements of hearings. I ultimately decided to take the matter to trial and have absolutely no regrets over my decision. Kevin kept in touch with me via phone and e-mail every step of the way throughout the duration of my case and always remained vigilant, keeping me posted with any updates or new developments as they occurred. He displayed exceptional writing, analytical, critical thinking, and argumentative skills as reflected in the numerous briefs and motions he filed on my behalf along with his analysis of video evidence in the case. His remarkable skills as an attorney ultimately resulted in him winning a motion to suppress evidence which severely crippled the prosecution’s ability to move forward with the DUI charge. Furthermore, his sharpness and intellect allowed him to successfully impeach a testifying officer by discovering inconsistencies in his testimony and, thus, raising questions about his credibility. At trial for the hit and run, my anxiety level was through the roof, especially upon seeing that my boss was summoned to testify since the prosecutor never revealed who his witnesses were prior to the day of trial. I still never lost confidence in Kevin’s ability to win my case. He remained calm and collected the entire time, and I was completely blown away with his skills as a trial attorney, particularly involving his questioning skills along with both his opening and closing statements. In the end, a 12-panel jury found me not guilty of a hit and run. If you find yourself in trouble, don’t think twice about hiring Kevin to have at your side. He will fight vigorously for you all the way to a win!!! Thank you, Kevin!”

Former Client


“Mr. Leckerman is an outstanding lawyer. I was blessed to have Mr. Leckerman represent me in court for my DUI case. Since this was my second charge, I believed this case was a loser from everyone’s perspective including my own. However, Mr. Kevin Leckerman did everything that could possibly be done at exactly the time it needed to be done resulting in a win. He’s very professional, paid attention to every minute detail and successfully helped me get out the mess I was in. His approach to my case was excellent and you get all that you’d expect from a great lawyer. Mr. Leckerman is truly a standout in this field of law. I would recommend him to anyone and I stand by my review. Thank you again, you’re awesome!”

Sanyam B.


“I would 100% recommend Attorney Kevin Leckerman as an Attorney to family, friends or co-workers. I would certainly work with them again. They were professional and strict and told me all the details that I needed to have.”



“You are reading this review because you’re deciding who to work with to help with your current situation. Unfortunately, I’ve had to deal with different attorneys in life and usually they over promise and under deliver but that is not the case with Kevin Leckerman.

I think my situation may have been one of his more difficult cases as he had to deal with multiple towns and had everything tried in one courtroom.

Kevin made multiple visits to court with and without me and explained each step and why it was being done. While no promises were ever made I found comfort in Kevin’s knowledge and confidence in my case.

After the police handed me 12 tickets I was told by the officer “better have a good attorney “ in his sarcastic tone.

The clerk at the courthouse answered that as she was going through my file. “DISMISSED, DISMISSED, DISMISSED…looks like you have a good attorney sir”.

I drove out of court with ONE traffic ticket!”

Demian K.


“I would absolutely recommend Attorney Kevin Leckerman to anyone. The amount of effort that he put in to my case and his knowledge of the system was outstanding. He went through a long process with us of about a year and he got exactly or even more than I had hoped for as far as results go. Kevin Leckerman is an amazing lawyer and I am so glad that I used him.”

Michael K.


“Kevin Leckerman is an outstanding lawyer. He fought tooth and nail for my case and brought up all he could to win. Kevin gave 100% and it really showed. The outcome of my case was exactly what I had hoped for. I enjoyed working with the firm and would most definitely recommend him to others.”

Angelo M.


“Attorney Kevin Leckerman was great. He was thorough and always got back to me with texts or calls. Kevin was professional and always on time, I would have to say he is the epitome of a perfect lawyer.”

George D.


“Working with Kevin was great. Kevin is an amazing guy, and professional lawyer. I loved his one on one approach and his honesty. He was always easy to reach and contact. It was a personable experience for me and I enjoyed working with the firm. Hands down if anyone ever asked me or needed an Attorney like Kevin he would be the first one that I would mention.”

Salvatore M.


“I would absolutely recommend Kevin to anyone that needed help in his area of expertise without a doubt.

I liked working with his firm because they were highly professional and the rare thing you don’t find very often these days which is excellent customer service. When I had a question or information for him, he responded within a one-half hour every time, and if he was in court, his secretary would get in touch with him and provide me with a time that he would be able to call me back. He never left me hanging.

What stood out about Kevin for me besides the fact he was able to get all charges dropped, was the day I hired him I was pretty upset and full of shame and he was so sincere when he said “ Listen to me, you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, everyone makes mistakes “, meeting after giving him all details regarding the charges, was the fact he gave me the worst case scenario first which he really didn’t believe would happen and then told me the points that were in our favor and how with his expert knowledge which expanded beyond the police departments were what was going to be in our favor and he was absolutely right.

I am being so sincere when I say Kevin Leckerman is an excellent attorney who is honest, professional and the scope of his knowledge of the legal system and laws sets him apart from other attorneys because he chose to further his education and that is why he is ranked one of the best DUI lawyers in New Jersey.”

Elaina S.


“There’s a difference between a man that works and a man that crafts his work, a man that eats and a man that enjoys what he eats. Do you enjoy what you eat? Mr. Leckerman exemplifies the true definition of what it means to be called a ‘lawyer’. I recommend him to anyone that wants or needs an actual lawyer. He’s not your typical lawyer, he’s a super lawyer, he’ll do his best for you from start to finish!

Once again, I’d like to thank you for your services and I greatly appreciate all of your efforts. You are, by far the most amazing lawyer I’ve gotten a chance to work with, it was an honor to have you work my case. You did everything plus some, just to make sure my needs were met. Your cross-reference during trial is unbearably nerve wrecking, your work is impeccable! hope all is well, thank you and God bless!”

Rick T.


“I am a friend of Bill Wilson. Unfortunately, in my prior life, I was charged with a DUI. I interviewed several attorneys before hiring Mr. Leckerman. Mr. Kevin Leckerman’s preparation was nothing short of superb. His attention to detail and persistence overwhelmed the Prosecutor. Mr. Leckerman is extremely knowledgeable of the DUI Laws in New Jersey and what proper procedures must be performed by Law Enforcement. In addition to his courtroom presence/demeanor, his Team of Experts is baffling. I plead guilty to Reckless Driving and received a $240.00 fine. My DUI was dropped without even going to trial and my license was not suspended. Should anyone I know ever be charged with a DUI, there’s no other attorney I would recommend but Mr. Kevin Leckerman. Well done job Mr. Leckerman.”

William M.


“I was blessed to retain the services of Leckerman Law to represent me in my DUI case. My case was a loser from everyone’s perspective including my own. However, Kevin did everything that could possibly be done at exactly the time it needed to be done resulting in a win. This attorney is a credit to his profession and a model to the tenacity and work ethic one would expect from a professional. I got a second chance to make wiser choices in my life thanks to this individual. I highly recommend this firm.”

Gene D.

“I am writing this review on behalf of my husband, John, who was facing potential charges for a 2nd DUI in the state of New Jersey. We had recently bought a new home, new cars, and were paying for costs related to childcare and speech therapy. To be honest, money was already tight before this DUI came into play. I researched tons of attorneys online before making a choice with Mr. Leckerman. I have to be honest, that after our first phone conversation I was not sold on our chances of prevailing on all charges we were facing (DUI, reckless driving, and speeding). Mr. Leckerman remained calm throughout the entire process and walked us through every step, even making recommendations for me to provide a witness statement (since I was a passenger that night) if necessary reciting any issues I saw with my husband operating the vehicle that night. After tons of back and forth arguments (breathalyzer was thrown out) between the prosector our attorney, we had thought we reached an amicable resolution to reduce charges to a 3-month loss of license and fines attributable to the reckless driving. THEN, the state prosecutor decided that they were no longer interested and wanted to take this matter to trial. We (my husband and I) panicked!!!! Again, Mr. Leckerman remained calm and provided insight into his thoughts for argument going forward. He made sure to highlight areas that he would be arguing and factors that appeared missing in the police report.

Coming up close to the 1-year marker, we were finally facing the last hearing in this matter wherein arguments for both sides would be presented and a Judge would make her decision. Mr. Leckerman again appeared confident and presented strong arguments on all grounds for arrest in this matter. He pointed out that the police report was missing crucial evidence to support a failed sobriety test. He further went into detail citing arguments for any trouble in the “one leg raise” test. I was astonished by his thorough review of the police tape and his strong arguments throughout the case.
I summarize the Judges Decision as a win!!!! The prosecution was unable to support a DUI charge in this matter. We may have been sentenced with the reckless driving/speeding tickets (5 points on the license) but we knew going into this they weren’t going to dismiss all charges.

Mr. Leckerman is truly a standout in this field of law. I would recommend him to anyone and I stand by my review. Thank you again.”

Jenn D.

“It was an amazing experience for me. He was there to really help me out, I could truly see that he cared about me and my case. Kevin did everything that I wanted and it all was great in the end. Attorney Leckerman was professional and responsive the entire time.”

Richard T.

“They say you get what you pay for. Kevin is worth every penny. He will fight for you all the way to the end. Very knowledgeable. I thought all was lost for my 2nd DUI. Let just say I walked away a happy man. If you are worried about an outcome, I suggest you call Kevin.”

John W.

“Kevin is a great attorney. He is professional and really knows what he is doing and it shows. When it came to communication I never had any problems, he would reach out to me and I never had trouble getting in touch with him. I would recommend him in the future, he is great.”

John R.

“I would highly recommend Kevin. He is extremely thorough and he certainly did a complete analysis of my case in order to get what we needed. The outcome was what I had hoped for. He was confident the entire time and did all the research and I was pleasantly surprised with all of his work.”

John Q.

“Kevin was easy to contact and was very personable. He was able to put my mind at ease.”

Jennifer L.

“Kevin Leckerman a very intelligent and knowledgeable Lawyer. Kevin kept me informed during the process and it was very smooth. Any and all of my questions and concerns were answered quickly and any time that I called in or had a concern they were right there to answer and address it.”

Charles W.

“Highly recommend them, they were fast and friendly. They explained everything up front and made everything clear for my case and told me what exactly they could do to help me.”

Patricia H.

“Attorney Leckerman was very informative and knowledgeable. Kevin made things very comfortable when it came to communication and I felt at ease the entire process. The staff was also incredibly easy to communicate with.”

Mary S.

“Attorney Leckerman was straightforward and presented the range of options and was always vigilant on protecting me from legal consequences. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him as a lawyer and felt like my needs were met.”

Erik L.

“Extremely knowledgeable and his courtroom demeanor was incredible.”

William M.

“I had tapped another car in a parking lot in PA. The other driver had noticed I had been drinking but was very generous and simply asked me to park my car and walk to wherever I was going. He did not want to notify the authorities because no damage had been done to his car. However, another person had seen us interacting in the parking lot and decided to call the police even though the matter did not involve her and she had not interacted with me personally. I was stopped by the police while walking away from the scene after leaving my car parked at the suggestion of the other driver and submitted to field sobriety tests. After admitting that I was the driver of the other vehicle, taking the roadside tests, and telling the officer the other driver had agreed to me leaving the scene and did not want to pursue matters further, the officer still arrested and charged me with DUI. I was an out of state driver with an NJ license, and this could have resulted in a 10 year license suspension as a third offense in that state. I thought my life and professional career opportunities were over for sure because of a previous 2nd offense conviction in 2008. Kevin requested and was able to obtain all available court records from the 2008 conviction and was able to discover that I was illegally convicted because the judge did not fully inform me of all of my constitutional rights. After a hearing, the 2008 conviction was dismissed and I was granted Post-Conviction Relief which automatically lowered the recent DUI to a first offense in both PA and NJ and made me eligible for the Pennsylvania ARD program. Kevin was able to get me approved for the ARD program. Although my driving privileges are suspended for a short time in PA, I was still able to keep my valid NJ license to commute to and from work with the requirement that I complete community service hours and a probationary period which will then allow me to have this arrest expunged from my record. He has truly saved my reputation, life, and career and I am forever indebted to him. I never anticipated such a favorable outcome. I can’t thank him enough and truly recommend his services to anyone in trouble who has been issued a DUI. His skills and professionalism both in and out of the courtroom were unparalleled.”

Michael A.

“I cannot be more pleased with how this resulted. Minus attorney fees, I expected to pay higher fines. Through all of this, I was more than impressed with your work.

I don’t plan on ever needing your services again, please know how thankful I am for your hard work.”

Scott B.

“From the first time we met for the initial consultation, you assured me of your goal as my attorney. That goal was to prove my innocence to the charge of DWI. I admit that I was quite skeptical and truly felt as though your efforts were worthless. As you know my job as a Supervisor for a utility was being promoted to a Manager position during this entire ordeal. A DWI charge would have not been something my job would allow. The stress of not knowing the outcome of my case has been more than I can explain. Delay after delay, then change of venue and no responses to the requests for evidence were agonizing. Yesterday you made good on what you said. You are quite impressive and you have truly saved my career from an unknown disaster. I am not sure if you know how much I have aged since the time we first met. A DWI is a life changing event. I’m sure you understand that you save a person’s reputation with what you do. Thank you Kevin.”


“After choosing Kevin Leckerman to represent me in court I can honestly say I couldn’t have found a better person or attorney to have by my side. He worked incredibly hard and communicated flawlessly with both me and the courts. I am extremely grateful for the help and service I received.”

William O.

“I was pulled over and charged with careless driving, NJ 39:4-97, and driving under the influence, NJ 39:4-50. After hiring the law firm Leckerman Law to represent me, the law firm was able to have both charges dismissed and the arrest record removed.

Leckerman Law demonstrated experience and in-depth knowledge of all circumstances applicable in cases of this nature.”

Paul C.

“Kevin represented me in a DUI matter that occurred in September 2014. He was tremendous in his communications and clear in expectations regarding the case. He worked with me on a strategy and developed a detailed plan in my defense that, a year later, was successful.

There were numerous delays and curve balls along the way which Kevin handled immediately with a high level of professionalism and expertise.

I highly recommend Kevin Leckerman and his services.”


“When I was charged with a DUI, I thought it would cost me my job and current way of life. Kevin
worked diligently to help me get through it and eventually got the charge reduced to a traffic violation. He kept me informed throughout the entire process and helped me stay at ease during the period. He is an excellent lawyer and very reliable. I would recommend him to anyone else who has similar problems in the area. Thanks for all your hard work Kevin!”


“I was arrested for DUI, [reckless] driving and failure to maintain lane last November. It made my life a nightmare; I had never been arrested or even gotten more than a speeding ticket in my life. I hired Mr. Leckerman after reading his amazing reviews and I could have never asked for a better lawyer. He endlessly worked for my case and always answered my endless, often repetitive, questions. Mr. Leckerman was very transparent with me throughout the process and never left me in the dark. He fought my case to the [trial] phase and was able to argue the facts to have my case dropped down to just the [reckless] driving charge with a 30 day suspended license in New Jersey. This was truly the best possible outcome given the facts. Thank you for everything Kevin!”

Amanda Y.

“Thank you for your help in my case. You are a very well knowledgeable attorney. In my opinion I could have never had the outcome and be more than grateful with any other attorney. Thank you again.”


“I am a Virginia resident and was charged last September with multiple DUI related. I enlisted Kevin’s services and within 5 days he made discovery motions that the court ruled were to be complied within 60 days. After multiple extensions by the prosecutor, 6-7 attendances by Kevin representing me (3 by me travelling from Virginia), my trial was held last week (8 months after event) with all charges dropped due to the non-compliance of the prosecution (a last minute offer by the prosecutor to provide such info was firmly rejected by the judge). Kevin was always available to answer my questions and because of his focus on the details of my case, I am able to move forward with my life without the severe realities of a conviction. I highly recommend Kevin Leckerman should his services be needed.”

Kevin M.

“I was facing a third DUI. Kevin worked hard on my case, with seven court appearances. Kevin was straight forward when discussing my case, brought in expert medical advice to assist my case, and requested over 52 relevant documents from the state. Kevin got an end result that was better than anticipated! Kevin was able to get the charges against me dismissed. If you are looking for an attorney who will work hard for you, treat you with courtesy and respect, and do so afford-ably, then Kevin is your guy.”

George C.

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for Kevin Leckerman’s services. From the start, I found the circumstances of my arrest to be puzzling, unfair, and indisputable. I have never felt so much shame in my life. After researching and speaking to several attorneys, I selected Kevin because of his expertise alone. He is super focused with his law practice, and could speak more intelligently about my case and defense strategy than any other attorney. Further, I was very anxious about this process and Kevin was always available, approachable, and attentive to my concerns. With Kevin, I felt that we did everything we possibly could to win my case, and I am very grateful for the outcome in the end. I hope I never require his services in the future but I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone else.”


“Thank you again for your time and the patience it took for you to build the case you did. The result was better than I ever could have imagined and was most definitely a career saver. Thanks for not only being my lawyer, but also keeping me calm during this whole process and telling me everything would work out. Appreciate all the help and hopefully we speak again soon.”

Robert E.

“I was referred to Mr. Leckerman by a PI attorney who I know, and after meeting with him, I immediately felt as ease with my DUI case. He is very knowledgeable and gave 100% attention to my case. He answered my questions, always took my phone calls, and responded back to my emails immediately. This meant a lot to me. I was given the personal service he promised when we met for my consultation. Kevin did a ton of research on my case, and luckily he was able to find enough reasonable doubt to have my DUI dismissed. I would recommend Kevin to anyone charged with a DUI. He saved me and my family from what could have been a life altering situation.”

Adam H.

“Kevin was very easy to work with, made sure to let me know every step of the process. Friendly, professional, and knew exactly what he was doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Charles M.

“Kevin is an exceptional resource in the legal system. I’m 48 years of age and have had to deal with various legal issues throughout my life. I could not be happier with the results that Kevin produced for my recent legal matter. Sitting in court watching one defendant after another simply accept defeat because they were out of options, Kevin gave me those options.”

Jay C.

“Kevin is extremely competent in his field. You get what you pay for. All of my charges were dropped. Can’t thank you enough Kevin! Worth every penny!!!”

Scott P.

“It was my first time ever being charged with a DUI. I actually fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree which is what caused the police to come to the scene of the accident. The police officer conducted me to do sobriety tests while I was injured and then arrested me for being under the influence. I didn’t have any clue on how to proceed with the legalities. While frantically searching the internet for DUI lawyers, I saw very optimistic reviews on Kevin and today I can vouch for all the reviews. Since I was out of state, there were several factors that made the case messy and hard to comprehend. He would touch base with me several days before the court dates, go over the details and make sure that I was aware of what was happening in the case. Not only was my case dismissed for the DUI, he saved me thousands of dollars in costs. I would HIGHLY recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a DUI lawyer that will personally take on the case as if he was the victim.” –

Gena M.

“I truly cannot thank you enough for what you have done to help me. It is greatly appreciated.”

Kristin L.

“Kevin’s expertise in handling my case was evident from the moment I first called to speak with him until the outcome of my case was decided. Kevin knew exactly how to exploit the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case against me. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of my case. I have Kevin Leckerman to thank for that.”

Charles G.

“I was stopped and arrested for DUI in the middle of my finals. Kevin listened to my problem and provided great representation. He went the extra mile in finding the right experts who know how to challenge false breathalyzer readings. He provides great counsel, is aggressive with the prosecutor and protects his clients’ rights. The final outcome was that I plead guilty to obstruction of traffic and the DUI was completely dismissed when Kevin made the prosecutor realize that she didn’t have enough to go to trial. I would like to thank him for allowing me to move on with my life with this dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer.”

Andrew S.

“I was pulled over for my 2nd DUI in June, 2011. I was pulled over by a campus police officer for seemingly NO reason at all. I had been drinking but was aware that police are ever present in the city, and was driving safe. I was arrested by the police officer, and placed under arrest, with no field sobriety testing. 24 hours later, I was let out of jail, and awaited the long, grueling process of deciding what to do. I came across Kevin’s contact info. through a friend, and was happy I did. He met me a day later, and we spent 90 minutes discussing my situation at length. He was thorough, precise, understanding, empathetic, and extremely tough on the police officer on the stand. I was aware of all of my options throughout the process, and never encountered any surprises. We carefully weighed each of our options and decided on a strategy moving forward. We decided to fight the charges, and after almost a full year, the case was withdrawn. I am extremely grateful to Kevin’s dedication to his craft, and his attention to detail. Through perseverance, dedication, and hard work, Kevin was able to free me of all charges. Kevin is an exceptional lawyer with the grit you need to win your case. Don’t settle, your life is too valuable. ”

Mike S.

“Thank you so very much. I was terrified that after turning my life around 10 years ago I put it back in the toilet. Thanks to you everything still on right track.”

William A.

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