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The Ticket Crusade In New Jersey For DWIs Has Begun – 114 Police Departments Received Grants To Help With The Effort

As the holiday season approaches, police all over New Jersey have begun their crusade on taking down individuals who are driving while intoxicated and impaired. The campaign with the attached slogan “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” will be in effect until January 1st, 2021. According to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety, drivers who plan on celebrating should be… Read more

Bicycle vs. Scooter DWI

Two questions are often asked of me concerning whether someone can be convicted for a DWI when riding a bicycle or scooter while intoxicated. To be precise, the questions that I get are, “Can I get a DWI for being drunk on a bike?” or “What happens if I get stopped for being drunk on a scooter?” In New Jersey,… Read more

Boating While Intoxicated And Sobriety Testing

In New Jersey, it is an offense under the Commerce and Navigation statutes to operate a water vessel while intoxicated (BWI). N.J.S.A. 12:7-46 establishes the penalties if an operator is found guilty. A person who violates this section shall be subject to the following: (1) For a first offense: (i) if the person’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.08% or higher… Read more

The Hidden Downside To Mandated Vehicle Breathalyzers

Drivers in New Jersey convicted of drunk driving are required to install small breathalyzers in their personal vehicles. The breathalyzers are devices called ignition interlock. These devices are directly wired into a car’s ignition system, most notably the steering column, and serves as a precaution against driving drunk. The ignition interlock device will not allow a driver to start or… Read more

New Jersey Turns Up The Heat On Drunk Drivers As 110 Police Departments Receive Overtime Grants For Major Statewide Crackdown

Over 100 New Jersey police departments now have access to funds totaling $540,000 for the state’s crackdown on drunk driving slated to begin immediately and extend through Labor Day weekend. The funds, delivered via overtime grants from the state’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety, are expected to bring police departments across New Jersey the all hands on deck support that… Read more

Latest New Jersey Weed Legalization Bill Allows For Pot Delivery And Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Legal weed is a possibility for New Jersey this year. While the state currently allows medicinal use of cannabis for residents with a prescription, the legalization of recreational use and possession would change the game in a major way. Currently, there are only six medical marijuana dispensaries in all of New Jersey. If legal recreational weed becomes a reality, that… Read more

20K DWI Cases Could Be Tossed In NJ After Supreme Court Ruling

Over 20,000 people who were accused of DWI in New Jersey could have their cases dismissed based on a Tuesday ruling of the state’s Supreme Court. The high court, in a unanimous ruling found criminal charges against a State Police sergeant in charge of calibrating breath-testing devices and rendered the breath test results from five counties inadmissible as evidence. The… Read more

Driving, Drugs And The DRE

Would you trust a non-medical professional to take an accurate measure of your pulse or blood pressure? If you are feeling ill, would you make an appointment with anyone other than a doctor for a diagnosis? Of course you wouldn’t . Yet, certain police officers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are performing these types of routine medical procedures during DUI… Read more

Don’t Drink And Fly Drones In New Jersey; It’s Illegal!

On his last day in office, Gov. Chris Christie made it illegal to drive a drone for individuals affected by drugs or with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent in New Jersey. Punishments incorporate a six-month jail imprisonment, a $1,000 fine, or can be both depending on the situation. Similarly, it also bars individuals from flying drones to surveil… Read more

More Than 20K DWI Cases Under Review After A State Police Sergeant Accused Of Falsifying Records

TRENTON – More than 20,000 people, who are facing drunken driving charges, are being contacted by prosecutors in New Jersey as their cases are under review. According to police reports, the decision was taken after a State Police sergeant was accused of falsifying DWI records. The sergeant oversaw breath-testing devices, also known as Alcotest devices. Letters are being sent to… Read more