How Important Is an Atmosphere of Mutual Respect in the Courtroom During Your DWI Trial?

Interviewer: Have you earned the respect of the prosecutors and the judges? How does this help you or how does this make your job easier?

Mutual Respect between an Attorney and Prosecutor Can Lead to More Favorable Results

Kevin: If a prosecutor knows that you’re going to do a thorough job and that life is not going to be easy for him or her at trial, then human nature dictates the prosecutor will most likely be more willing to work out a case with me than with an attorney who constantly goes to court and pleads his or her clients guilty.

What incentive would a prosecutor have to negotiate DWI cases if he or she knows that the defense attorney is going to always plead the client guilty in the end?

Mutual Respect between an Attorney and the Judge Fosters Favorable Decisions on Key Motions during the Trial

Many judges will give me the benefit of the doubt on motions that I make or arguments for discovery that I have in court, because they know that my arguments are legitimate arguments. I don’t make frivolous arguments for discovery and I don’t file frivolous legal motions.

In that sense, I get more respect from judges who will potentially make key decisions in my client’s favor. When I have a key decision going in my client’s behalf, that puts pressure on the prosecutor to drop the DWI or refusal charge.