What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Municipal Court Attorney?

Very few New Jersey based attorneys have the honor and privilege of receiving the Municipal Court Attorney Certification from the New Jersey Supreme Court. These select group of attorneys have proven their skills and expertise in DWI Law practice and are therefore, designated as specialists of the DWI Defense practice area.

In order to qualify as a Municipal court attorney, a lawyer must be a member of the New Jersey bar in good standing for at least 5 years. He must be favorably evaluated by judges and attorneys familiar with his or her work.

The lawyer must have fulfilled ongoing C L E (continuing legal education) requirements and passed respective written examinations covering various aspects of DWI defense. They must also have demonstrated a significant level of experience in DWI trial advocacy.

Only Lawyers that meet the highest professional standards set by the Board on Attorney Certification are designated as Certified Municipal Court Attorneys in New Jersey.

For more information on the selection process and eligibility criteria for Certification of Municipal Court Attorney, visit www.judiciary.state.nj.us