Will Your Driver’s License Be Confiscated during a New Jersey DWI Arrest?

Interviewer: How about the person’s driver’s license? Will it be confiscated when they are arrested or are they allowed to keep it until the trial?

Kevin: The police have no authority to confiscate a license. In New Jersey, the license cannot be revoked until a person is convicted for the DWI and sentenced by the judge to lose the license for whatever period of time.

There Are No Restrictions on Your Driving Privileges until a DWI Conviction

Interviewer: So throughout the DWI investigation and the person’s trial, they’ll keep their license, and there will be no restrictions on their driving privileges?

Kevin: That’s right. You get to keep your license and drive anywhere you want until there’s a conviction. Now, if there’s no conviction then you don’t even lose your ability to drive for one second.