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52-year-old man arrested for alleged drunk driving in Rockaway Township

52-year-old George Clipperton of Rockaway was arrested for alleged drunk driving after he was found roaming the Rose Court neighborhood on the evening of March 26.

Rockaway Township Police arrived at the scene when someone reported a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood. The residents informed the police that they saw a man drive around the neighborhood multiple times. The residents reported that the man even knocked on the door of a home at one point, asking for someone, then left and came back an hour later. They described the man to be incoherent and rambling.

When the officers were speaking with the residents, a pedestrian stopped a police car to report a man driving erratically through the area.

The police officers found the man soon as they were still at the scene.

Clipperton was stopped and questioned by the police. He told them that he was looking for his friend’s house and was there to pick up his son, but he didn’t know the address.

While the officers were questioning Clipperton, they noticed that he was swaying and stumbling. They asked him about it but he told them that he had taken a Percocet about an hour before he left his house.

The officers issued him a field sobriety test which he agreed to perform. However, he subsequently failed in the sobriety tests.

Clipperton was arrested and taken to the police headquarters for processing. At the police headquarters, he told the police that he had also taken an Ambien an hour after he took the Percocet.

Several drug and alcohol tests were performed by the police and he was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance. His car was also impounded.

News Source: www.NorthJersey.com

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