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Attempt to lower DUI levels falls flat with states

An attempt by the Federal capital to lower DUI blood alcohol limit has fallen flat in the states. What’s even surprising is that groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) are not advocating for it.

The current legal limit for intoxication is 0.08 percent in most states, which has been recommended to be lowered to 0.05 percent by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). This is to reduce the number of accidents caused as a result of intoxication as drivers with a 0.08 percent alcohol level in their system are twice likely to get involved in a wreck as compared to drivers driving with a 0.05 percent blood-alcohol level.

According to The Hill, neither MADD nor the Governors Highway Safety Association is endorsing the attempt to lower the legal limit for driving.

Jonathan Adkins, deputy executive director for the governor’s safety group, in The Hill said, “We don’t see any state going to .05. This doesn’t seem to be getting any traction.”

Terri Austin, an Indiana state representative also said that the legislators will have to have a pretty compelling case for it to be approved as a law to lower the legal BAC limit. However, according to him, that doesn’t look likely.

News Source: www.WashingtonTimes.com

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