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Scientists Still Looking For A Reliable DUI Test For Marijuana

Recent years have seen numerous milestones when it comes to the use of marijuana and it’s perception around the United States. Not only is Marijuana nearly as socially accepted as alcohol in today’s world, its recreational use is now legal in six states, including Colorado. Ironically, its legal status creates a new problem for law enforcement, stopping and charging drivers… Read more

Woman Dies In Hudson County Jail While Serving 6 Month DWI Sentence

KEARNY – According to officials, 48-year-old Jennifer Towle died at the Hudson County Jail at about 2 a.m. on Friday while serving a 180-day DWI sentence. Details of her death were announced by the Hudson County spokesman, Jim Kennelly, who said that Towle died at the jail’s infirmary. He further said that Towle was serving a six-month sentence for a… Read more

18-Year-Old Teenager Charged With Drunken Driving In Wrong-Way Crash On Route 23

PEQUANNOCK – 18-year-old Rachel M. Narine, of Edison, is facing multiple charges after she was involved in a wrong-way head-on crash on Route 23 north, just before the Newark Pompton Turnpike intersection, while driving intoxicated. According to the police, Narine was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, assault by auto, and underage driving while intoxicated. She also violated the… Read more

50-Year-Old New Jersey Man With 6 Dwis Accused Of Hitting Pedestrian While Driving Drunk

50-year-old Larry D. Wooten, of Newark, was accused of hitting a pedestrian while driving under the influence of alcohol in New York. Wooten, who has a history of driving under the influence, was arrested for allegedly being drunk as he drove into a 46-year-old woman who was crossing a street in Long Beach on Long Island. The incident took place… Read more

Franklin Park Man Accused Of Driving A Backhoe While Drinking Beer Faces 9th DWI Charge

SOUTH BRUNSWICK – A 56-year-old Franklin Park man named William Campbell was arrested for driving a backhoe drunk in South Brunswick Wednesday evening. According to police reports, this was Campbell’s 9th DWI charge. He was allegedly driving a backhoe erratically through the township while drinking a beer. According to Capt. James Ryan, Campbell was arrested Wednesday evening following an accident… Read more

Cop Charged With Drunk Driving Previously Suspended After Off-Duty Crash

MILLVILLE– Authorities told that Dept. Michael McLaughlin, who was previously accused of DWI, is under investigation as he got involved in an off-duty car accident on the weekend. He is suspended while the department is waiting for the investigation outcome. Millville Police Department and Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office collaborated for the investigation of the case. The accident happened at about… Read more

Prosecutors Try For More Prison Time For Actress In Fatal DWI In Second Appeal

SOMERVILLE – According to court documents, the Prosecution has asked in its second appeal to the Appellate Division that a different judge be assigned to the case of former “Melrose Place” actress, Amy Locane, to revisit the sentencing. Matthew Murphy, Assistant Prosecutor at Somerset County, claimed in the latest appeal that Superior Court Judge Robert B. Reed was twice too… Read more

Drunk Driver Gets 5 Years In Fatal Woodbridge Wrong-Way Crash

NEW BRUNSWICK – 29-year-old Andrew Frazell of Newton was sentenced Friday to serve 5 years in prison. According to a statement by the Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey, Frazell was driving under the influence of alcohol when he struck another vehicle, resulting in the death of both occupants. The incident took place on 10 July, 2014 when he drove his… Read more

Montvale Police Officer Reportedly Pleads Guilty To Drunken Driving

PEQUANNOCK – According to a police report, Herminio Amado, a Montvale police officer, admitted to being drunk when he was found asleep behind the wheel of his luxury car last year in Morris County. Amado’s driver’s license was suspended for seven months. However, his lawyer appealed a pretrial ruling which permitted an alcohol influence report to be entered as evidence,… Read more

New Jersey Courts Still Collecting DWI Fee Even After Law Was Overturned

TRENTON – Earlier this year, NJ courts overturned a state law that required towns to use a $25 DWI fine to pay for installing video recording devices in police cars. However, municipal court judges across New Jersey continued to collect the fee as it appeared they didn’t get the memo. Thousands of drivers convicted of drunk driving are still being… Read more