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Cherry Hill DWI Law

DWI traffic offense with serious consequences

In New Jersey, Cherry Hill, individuals charged with DWI have to face serious legal consequences as the driver’s license of an individual is suspended and he/she has to serve prison time. Many people convicted of a driving while intoxicated charge are ordered by the court to install an interlock ignition device in their cars for a minimum time period of 1 year and 1 month, and maximum for 26 years. The offender also has to pay a large amount of fine for the conviction.

Arrest in Cherry Hill

The legal process for a person who was caught driving while intoxicated starts after the individual is taken into custody by the Cherry Hill Police Officer or New Jersey Trooper. Until a sober driver reaches the police station to sign for the driver’s release, the police keep the DWI driver in custody. At the police station, the individual is issued a ticket for the offense with a date to appear in the Cherry Hill Municipal Court.

The process

If you get in touch with a Cherry Hill DWI lawyer, your lawyer will write to the Cherry Hill Municipal Court for the appearance of the individual charged for DWI excused at the arraignment and also sends a request for DWI discovery to the Cherry Hill Prosecutor’s Office. The data gathered related to the blood, urine or breath test is also included in the letter. A motion to force the production of discovery is filed if the State fails to produce the requested discovery. After the motion is granted by a Cherry Hill Municipal Court judge, the prosecutor is given a time period to provide the discovery. If the prosecutor is not able to provide discovery within the given time period, the Cherry Hill Court can order the proof to be thrown-out and the judge can also dismiss the DWI case.

The 60-day Requirement in Cherry Hill

After the person is taken into custody for driving while intoxicated, a New Jersey court rule requires that the Cherry Hill Court close the DWI case within the time period of 60 days. Not all the cases are solved in sixty days; many times the case may take more than 60 days. Your lawyer then reviews the defenses with you after receiving the proof. He will then write reports that can assist the case to be dismissed.

Anyone charged with a DWI in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has to face serious legal consequences. Whether you are facing a drug related DWI charge or an alcohol related DUI charge in Cherry Hill, NJ, you need to act fast. DWI defense attorney Kevin Leckerman of Leckerman Law, LLC, has been representing clients facing DWI / DUI charges in Cherry Hill, NJ and Camden County. He can defend your case and protect your rights and prevent a DWI charge from becoming a DWI conviction. Whether you are facing a drug related DUI charge or an alcohol related DWI charge, call (856) 429-2323 to discuss your case right away!