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‘Ghost Cars’ Being Used By N.J. State Troopers To Combat Drunk Driving

The New Jersey State Police is using a less easily identified police car on the New Jersey Turnpike which speeders and reckless drivers need to watch out for.

The police cars have a new paint scheme on some of their Chevrolet Caprice cruisers, which makes them sort of a hybrid of marked and undercover patrol vehicles.

The cars were unveiled Thursday, which appear to be black unmarked from a distance. However, up close, gray State Police branding is visible on the front doors, in an almost ghostly manner.

The cars have been dubbed as “#NJSPGhostCar” on social media by N.J. State Police, and will be patrolling the Turnpike.

According to Capt. Stephen Jones, a State Police spokesman, most of these “ghost cars” are completely unmarked, except for their emergency lights and sirens.

The new paint job on these unmarked cars makes them more identifiable to motorists and they know they are speaking to a legitimate officer once they are pulled over.

“You can see that it is a trooper’s car,” said Jones.

The idea behind these relatively unmarked vehicles is to help troopers get dangerous drivers off the roads.

“There are a lot of people who are going to drive like an absolute maniac until they see a marked car, then they’ll slow down and behave. This gives us an advantage in finding those people.” said Jones.

Police have also advised motorists not to pull over in any desolate area as some criminals masquerading as police in unmarked cars could get you in trouble. Drivers should only pull over in a public area or place.

News Source: www.Philly.com

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