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Has the Attorney Ever Won an Appeal?

Does the lawyer take appeals for DWI cases? How often does that attorney win appeals?

Interviewer: Why are appeals important, by the way?

Kevin: An appeal would be important because defense attorneys by nature are going to lose cases. No defense attorney has won 100% of his cases. It’s just a fact of life.

If an Attorney Has a Good Track Record of Winning on Appeals, It Is an Indication of Improvement in Their Understanding and Strategizing a Comprehensive Defense for a DWI Charge

Generally, attorneys who appeal cases are ones who fight for their clients. An appeal is taken after the case is lost at the trial level. Appeals give attorneys a better understanding of how to set a case up for trial and how to preserve legal issues that a client can argue in an appeal to a higher court.

By looking at the case from the appeal point of view and how it turned out at trial and how the preparation was completed prior to trial, the attorney will get a better understanding of what things could have been done better; therefore, improving his ability to defend other clients in the future.

Losing can be a beneficial thing to an attorney if he actually tries to understand where things went wrong and how judges and prosecutors positively respond to certain arguments, and negatively respond to other arguments.

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