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How Long Will a DWI Case Take to Resolve?

Interviewer: So how long do cases normally take whether they’ve gone to trial or not gone to trial and plead out or settled?

Kevin: Generally, the cases I handle last from between four to twelve months. Occasionally, they may run longer and on occasion they last less than four months.

What Percentage of DWI Cases Go To Trial?

Interviewer: What percentage of cases you handle go to trial versus plead out?

A Small Percentage of DWI Cases Actually Go To Trial

Kevin: I think around 80% of my cases end up being resolved, pretrial. Another 20% will go to trial and some percentage of those cases get resolved mid trial. In other words, favorable evidence came out in our behalf during the course of trial and the State decided to make a plea offer that we accepted.

Attorney Leckerman’s Primary Goal Is Mitigate or Dismiss the DWI Charge

Interviewer: Do you feel like you’ve done a better job if you help most of the cases avoid trial or you help them go to trial? Or it just really depends on the outcome?

Kevin: As long as I get rid of the DWI charge, I don’t care how it’s resolved. Getting rid of the DWI charge is my main goal.

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