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Looking for the Best DWI Defense Attorney to Defend Your DWI Charge in New Jersey?

Interviewer: When someone wants to know who is and how to find the best DWI attorney in New Jersey, what would your answer be?

How Much Should a Defense Cost? Price Should Not Be an Issue When Searching for an Attorney to Defend Your DWI Charge

Kevin: There are a lot of factors that a potential client should take into consideration when looking for the best New Jersey DWI attorney. First, the price should not be a factor for the person searching for the attorney.

What I mean by that is you’re going to have to pay a little bit more money for the best. That’s a fact of life. Another fact of life is that if you are trying to get the least expensive attorney out there, that’s exactly the type of representation you’re going to get.

What Is the Current Legal Climate about DWI Charges in New Jersey? Has the Charge Become More Difficult to Defend?

Interviewer:  How hard is it really to defend someone adequately these days in the legal climate in New Jersey for DWI? Does it really take a tremendous amount of work?

Preparation Is Essential: Favorable Results in a DWI Case Require Tremendous Time, Organization and Effort

Kevin: To get the right result, it always takes a tremendous amount of work. The only time that I can say it doesn’t take a lot of work is when an attorney doesn’t want to do the job right.

In order to get all the materials that you need in the case, all the information that you need about your client, file all the legal motions in your client’s behalf, and do all the necessary court appearances, it would easily take over 20 to 25 hours.

That’s the minimum amount of time that you’ll be putting into these cases. In order to put your client in the best position possible for negotiations with the prosecutor or in a position to win at trial, preparation is 100% essential.

Without proper preparation, then the DWI lawyer is unable to present to the prosecutor of all the defenses in the case.  In order to convince a prosecutor or a judge that a DWI must be dismissed, the lawyer has to lay out all of the ways the State’s case will be attacked.

Should You Feel That Your Case Is your Attorney’s Only One? The Right Defense Attorney Will Deliberately Limit the Number of His or Her Cases in Order to Have Enough Time and Resources for Each Client

Interviewer: What strategies do you use to make sure that you have enough time for each case? Do you deliberately limit the number of cases you take? Do you turn any away?

Kevin: I will turn away cases. I need to do that, because frankly I don’t have enough hours in the day to handle all the potential clients that come through my door. I have to make sure that the people I represent want to win. I want to represent people who are willing to assist me in putting them in the best position to win.

As a Client, You Should Also Be Proactive in Helping to Build Your Defense for a DWI Charge

By “assist me” I mean obtained their medical records from past medical visits. I want my clients to go see medical doctors for consultations if I think it’s something that needs to be explored.

If there are expert witnesses that are needed for writing reports or testifying at trial, then I need to know if the potential client is ready to get those expert witnesses on his or her side when I think it’s absolutely necessary.

If the person’s not willing to do that, then I will just wish the person luck and part ways.

Why Is Preparation Essential to a Good Defense?

Interviewer: What surprising events have happened to you that taught you the most about how to really be the best attorney you could be?

A Lack of Preparation Can Result in an Attorney Missing out on Key Defenses that Would Benefit His or Her Client

Kevin: Of course, one would expect an attorney to be well prepared, but that doesn’t always happen. When attorneys are either lazy, not well trained, not attentive, or overburdened with a vast number of cases, then you’re probably going to be in trouble.

The Right Attorney for You Will Be the One Preparing Your Case Files Instead of Delegating the Work to a Paralegal or Secretary

That attorney will most likely have been relying on a paralegal or a secretary to prepare case files.  The DUI lawyer would most likely be reviewing some type of checklist that the paralegal or secretary put together. No client ever wants to hear that a secretary or a paralegal is reviewing and preparing case files for the attorney.

Every client wants to hear that the attorney is combing through every case file and every word of that case file to make sure that every single defense is explored.