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Millville Woman Charged With DUI For McDonald’s Drive-Thru Sleeper

VINELAND – A Millville woman was charged with DUI after she reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel when she was waiting for her order in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane.

The incident took place on Saturday at 11:19 p.m. when the woman, identified as Renee M. Riley, of Main Street, was found asleep in the drive-through lane of the South Delsea Drive fast food restaurant. The officer who arrived at the scene saw that the woman was asleep with her foot on the brake pedal.

Once the driver placed her order, she was instructed to pull forward by the drive-thru staff. The woman’s order was delivered by an employee after some time who told the police officer that both the driver and a passenger in the front seat were asleep.

The officer then knocked on the window of the Chrysler several times to wake the driver and asked her to put her car in park. The officer then asked her if she had consumed any alcohol, to which she replied that she had a beer earlier.

The woman had been at a Vineland party earlier in the evening before coming to the drive-thru.

Riley was then issued some field sobriety tests which she failed. She was arrested and taken to a police station where her breath test was measured to determine her blood alcohol level. Riley’s BAC was recorded at 0.13 percent, almost double the legal limit allowed for driving.

Riley’s vehicle was towed away from the drive-thru and she was later released into the custody of a family member.

She was also issued a summons for reckless driving.

News Source: www.CourierPostOnline.com

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