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Pennsauken Township DWI Law

Consequences of DWI in Pennsauken Township

Driving while intoxicated is a violation of the traffic law in New Jersey, but the results of this driving while intoxicated traffic ticket are serious. In Pennsauken Township, a driving while intoxicated offense will result in potential jail time and suspension of the driver’s license. In many driving while intoxicated cases in Pennsauken, the judge will order an ignition interlock device be installed during the time of the license suspension and for an additional 6 months to 3 years after this period, when the period of suspension of the license expires. Furthermore, a DWI conviction in Pennsauken has some huge financial costs associated with it.

Arrest in Pennsauken

The court process starts with the citation for driving while intoxicated in Pennsauken Township. The police are required to keep the driver in custody for about half a day (12 hours) except that an adult signs for the release of the driver. Traffic tickets and a driving while intoxicated charge are applied with the date to appear in the Pennsauken Municipal Court for initial charges.

Method of discovery

If you get in touch with a DUI lawyer in Pennsauken, the lawyer will write to the municipal court of Pennsauken to explain the appearance of the driver at the indictment and to suspend the date of the court in order to get the discovery of driving while intoxicated from the Pennsauken Township investigator. The request of discovery matter informs about the blood, breath and urines tests that were obtained at the demand of the Pennsauken police. If the information is not created, then a motion to oblige the creation of discovery will be filed. Once this is granted and heard by the judge of the Pennsauken Municipal Court, the state must give the order discovery within a particular time. If the investigator does not give analysis within the particular time, then the Municipal Court can order for that proof to be restrained.

The rule of sixty days in Pennsauken

A rule of the New Jersey court requires that the Court of Pennsauken Municipal solves all driving while intoxicated cases within sixty days from the date it is charged. This need of the court is not always fulfilled; the method of acquiring the discovery that has been fulfilled may cause the case to take more than sixty days. Once the recovery is completed, your lawyer can carefully examine the reviews with you, the defense in the case.

Pennsauken Municipal Court

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Pennsauken Municipal Court.

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