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Police Officer Hospitalized After DUI Suspect Assaults And Spits Blood During Arrest

ENGLEWOOD – An Englewood police officer was hospitalized and several others were assaulted by a DUI suspect early Saturday morning in a bloody confrontation as police officers tried to arrest the suspect.

38-year-old Michael Kruk of Lindenhurst, N.Y., was arrested and taken to Bergen County Jail where he was held on $110,000 bail. Kruk faced multiple charges including drunk driving, assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, making terroristic threats and obstruction.

The incident took place at around 12:30 a.m. when an officer spotted a 2003 BMW idling on Grand Avenue behind a closed business. The officer suspected that it could be a burglar lurking around and approached the vehicle.

When Patrol Officer Byron Aguayo approached the vehicle, he found Kruk in the vehicle drunken with an open container of alcohol.

The officer ordered Kruk to get out of the vehicle and according to Detective Capt. Tim Torell, Kruk immediately struck Aguayo. He then struggled with the officer after which he was handcuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle to be taken to the station. On his way to the headquarters, Kruk smashed his head against the metal bars and windows of the police cruiser.

By the time they reached the station, Kruk had managed to twist around and have his handcuffs in front of his body instead of behind his back. When the officers opened the door to the police vehicle, Kruk charged towards them, kicking and punching the officers. Once he was inside the headquarters, he continued to be combative and assaulted two more officers. According to Torell, one of these officers was a patrol sergeant who received an injury during the struggle and had to go off duty.

Kruk was also hospitalized after the episode and was forced to use an anti-spit cage after he spit at several officers. He was also aggressive at the hospital where he threatened to grab the gun of one of the officers guarding him and threatened to “shoot him in the head”.

According to the authorities, Kruk may be deported to his homeland in Poland after the charges he is facing. Record shows that he also has active warrants for his arrest in Clifton, Passaic, Garfield, Wood-Ridge and Riverdale.

News Source: www.NJ.com

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