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Politician’s Lawsuit Over Drunken-Driving Stop Tossed Aside By Judge

CAMDEN, N.J. – The lawsuit filed by Democratic Assemblyman Paul Moriarty of New Jersey against the Washington Township police department has been tossed aside by a federal judge in Camden.

The New Jersey politician was involved in a drunken-driving traffic stop in 2012. The stop led to a law requiring police to mount video cameras in their cars.

The lawsuit filed by Moriarty stated that the police department failed to train and supervise its employees adequately. He contested the drunken driving charge against him on the basis that he was the victim of a rogue police officer.

Several months after his arrest, Moriarty showed a squad car video to reporters that would vindicate him. The charges against him were dropped and the arresting officer was accused of making a bogus arrest.

According to Moriarty’s lawyer, the ruling does not preclude his client from seeking damages from the officer.

News Source: www.App.com

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