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The Right Attorney for You Has a Combination of Preparation Skills plus Experience

Interviewer: Any other surprising things, or anything you’ve noticed about your evolution about how you’ve become a better attorney and what’s made you better?

Kevin: In addition to preparation, experience is essential. The more experience that an attorney has at trial, the more that attorney is going to be relaxed in pretrial negotiations.

You would be amazed how many attorneys have so much bluster prior to taking a case to trial. Then, when it comes to the moment of truth and the attorney has to take the case to trial, the attorney will convince the client to fold up his tent and plead guilty.

Respect Is Earned, Not Allocated: Attorney Leckerman Has Built His Reputation on Being Straightforward with the Prosecution

I don’t bluff. If I tell a prosecutor that I’m going to take a case to trial, then I’m prepared to go to trial. That prosecutor knows that I am not bluffing and knows that if he or she is not going to dismiss the charges, then a lot of time will have to be spent in court and there will be the potential of facing a loss on a DWI charge.

Experience in the Courtroom Leads to Increased Confidence in Dealing with Unexpected Events that Can Occur During Trial

This experience not only is essential in having the proper amount of confidence to win these cases, but it’s also essential during trial. When you’re at trial and something unexpected arises, which always happens through the course of testimony, only experience will allow you to pounce on a witness’s remark that could be used in your client’s favor.

Or, if there’s something unexpected that comes up during the course of trial that you just didn’t expect it to be presented, then the benefit of experience will allow you to adjust your strategy and use that new information in your client’s favor.

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