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Drunken Man Allegedly Assaults Police Officers Who Gave Him Ride Home

Mount Laurel Police reported the arrest of a Township man, Gary F. Piserchia, 56 for resisting arrest and assaulting police officers. Police say they were alerted by a report of an intoxicated and disorderly person on Route 73 near Lukoil gas station. When the officers responded, they found Piserchia under the influence of alcohol. The officers gave him a ride… Read more

The US Supreme Court rejects routine no-warrant DUI blood tests

WASHINGTON – The US Supreme Court has ruled that police officers must try to get a warrant before taking blood samples from suspects charged with drunk driving. The ruling was issued for Missouri v. McNeely, 11-1425, in which the justices sided with a Missouri man who was forced to submit to blood testing without a warrant. The case came from… Read more