Bayonne Man Faces DWI And Drug Charges In Afternoon Crash

27-year-old Christopher Woolley of Bayonne was arrested and charged with DWI and other drug charges on Tuesday after police found him passed out in a nearly flipped over car.

When police found Woolley on Tuesday night, he was in a “lifeless condition” inside his car which was resting atop another parked car on East 26th Street. According to the police, both the driver-side tires of his vehicle were atop the parked vehicle.

Police reported that an eye witness saw Woolley slumped over inside his car as he was driving along East 26th Street before the crash. Woolley’s car crashed into three other parked cars before it came to rest atop another parked vehicle.

Police tried to remove Woolley from his vehicle by smashing the front passenger-side window. However, when that attempt failed, police then climbed on top of the parked car on which Woolley’s car was resting and broke through the front driver-side window. That window was pointed up toward the sky.

After that, the police officers were able to remove Woolley from his car’s front driver-side window. They immediately began conducting CPR on him in the street. However, Woolley was totally unresponsive.

Woolley was then transported by ambulance to Jersey City Medical Center. While on his way to the hospital, Woolley became conscious. According to the police, he reportedly told the paramedics that the last thing he recalled was injecting heroin.

Woolley’s car was searched and police found a hypodermic needle and five empty glassine bags, which are commonly used to package drugs.

At the hospital, Woolley was treated for injuries and his blood samples were also collected.

Woolley, who lives on East 27th Street, was charged with DWI and two drug charges. Police told that he was later released on a summons.

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